Already mandated in many parts of the world, the Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System TCAS II with the software version 7.1 is rapidly becoming commonplace. Fokker Services offers you the ability to update your TCAS 7.0 system with the software version 7.1 in a cost-effective way, making the update available for multiple aircraft and vendors.

This upgrade is an important step to increase safety and lower the risk of mid-air collisions. Studies conducted for Eurocontrol, using recorded operational data, indicated that with TCAS 7.0 the probability of a mid-air collision in European airspace equates to one in every three years. With TCAS II version 7.1 implemented that probability will be reduced by a factor of 4. Another look at the current TCAS software reveals that there has been a series of mid-air encounters in which safety margins have been lost, due to the failure of the TCAS system.

TCAS 7.1 - increasing safety and lowering the risk of mid-air collisions.

Boeing-757 Boeing-757

The Solution

The TCAS software change 7.1 will be incorporated by means of a software or hardware update of the TCAS computer and, if needed, the TCAS antennas, all depending on the specific vendor. Based on this, the upgrade of the unit will be performed either on-wing or in the shop.

Solutions are available for the following TCAS computers:

  • ACSS RT-910, RT-950, RT-951, TT-950
  • Collins TTR-920, TTR-921
  • Honeywell TPA-81A, TPA-100A

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  • 544 Aircraft installed
  • 31 Operators
  • 16 Aircraft type STCs
  • 8 Weeks lead time

Available For

  • Airbus A320 Family
  • Boeing 737 Classic and NG, 757, 767
  • Dash 8, CRJ
  • Fokker 50, 70, 100
Bombardier-Dash-8 Bombardier-Dash-8