Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) enables flight crews to fly an approach similar to the ILS CAT 1 minima, with the benefit of not requiring ground-based landing aids. Instead, the LPV approach utilizes a Space-Based Augmentation System (SBAS).

Such a system is available in several high traffic regions of the world, including WAAS (U.S.) and EGNOS (Europe). As of December 2020, all instrument runways ending with a non-precision approach (NPA) within Europe must have an approach based on LNAV/VNAV or LPV.

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Our standalone solution requires no changes to the aircraft’s existing avionics architecture.

The Solution

The Fokker Services solution for LPV is a standalone solution which requires no changes to the aircraft’s existing avionics architecture. It can also be incorporated over a period of time through various installation steps during scheduled downtime.

The modification will add two of each of the following main components to your aircraft:

  • TSO-C-146c GPS/SBAS receivers
  • LPV Level of Service (LOS) annunciators
  • LPV fault indicators
  • ILS/LPV push button switches

Available For

  • Boeing 737 NG
  • Contact Us More aircraft types available upon request

The Benefits

  • No interference with existing avionics architecture
  • Fewer delays and cancellation, reducing Direct Operating Costs
  • Significantly lower cost than other solutions
  • Installation Engineering Bulletin in one layout with clear instructions
  • Modular installation avoids additional grounding of aircraft
  • No effect on temperature with regards to LNAV/VNAV
  • Reduced separation during the approach reduces flight times



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Discover everything you need to know about LPV including global trends and figures, additional details on our solution, and more.