CPDLC Annunciation CPDLC Annunciation

When a Fokker Services Engineering Bulletin (EB) for the introduction of Controller-Pilot Datalink Communication (CPDLC) has been installed in your aircraft, a potential confusion may occur with the white ATC annunciation that is installed on the flight deck. This indication from CPDLC that makes the pilot aware of the presence of a new ATC message may be interpreted as an ADS-B failure indication. The ADS-B system may have been introduced by FS EB or via instructions of another STC company.

To resolve the unwanted incompatibility of CPDLC in combination with ADS-B, one of the two following approaches can be adopted:

  • Make sure that the flight crew is informed about this issue
  • Upgrade the aircraft with new CPDLC annunciators with the text changed into ATC MSG.

Fokker Services has issued optional Engineering Bulletins introducing CPDLC with the white ATC annunciators for a number of aircraft types and customers.

Find attached a list of aircraft MSN’s per aircraft type for which Fokker Services has issued CPDLC Engineering Bulletins. If your aircraft is in this list, please consider whether the ATC annunciation (in)compatibility issue does exist for your aircraft. If yes, you may contact your Fokker Services Account Manager to request a commercial proposal for the upgrade option if desired so.

Aircraft MSN List

CPDLC Annunciator Aircraft MSN List