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Potential confusion CPDLC annunciation on the flight deck

Fokker Services has issued Engineering Bulletins introducing CPDLC solutions for a number of aircraft types and customers. As part of Fokker Services’ CPDLC solution ATC annunciatiors will be installed on the flight deck that may create confusion if the aircraft is also equipped with ADS-B Out capability, either through an Engineering Bulletin from Fokker Services or from another supplier (depending on the details of their ADS-B Out implementation).

The potential confusion is that the white ATC annunciation from CPDLC that makes the pilot aware of the presence of an ATC message, might be interpreted as an ADS-B failure.

To resolve the unwanted incompatibillity of CPDLC [white ATC] and ADS-B Out ATC [amber ATC FAULT] annunciations, Fokker Services offers two options to upgrade the aircraft:

  • A flight deck placard next to the CPDLC ATC annunciators explaining the intent of the annunciation, stating that a white ATC annunciation is associated with an ATC (CPDLC) message or
  • A modification to the CPDLC annunciators to change the text into ATC MSG.

Please find below a list of aircraft MSN’s per aircraft type for which Fokker Services has issued CPDLC Engineering Bulletins. If your aircraft is in this list, please consider whether the ATC annunciation (in)compatibility issue does exist for your aircraft. If yes you may contact your Fokker Services Account Manager to request a commercial proposal for the desired option.

Aircraft MSN List

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