Cabin Scenting Cabin Scenting

Cabin Scenting

At Fokker Services Group, we go above and beyond pure aircraft maintenance. In collaboration with the most refined scent specialists, we have created a unique Cabin Scenting solution. This product has been designed to increase passenger comfort, improve customer retention, and boost brand recognition.

With our Cabin Scenting modification, your flight can benefit from utilizing the same tactic that retailers have been using for years — boosting a customer's mood, appetite, and even likelihood to make in-flight purchases — all by using the power of scent. Besides passenger appeal, a scented cabin is an ideal way to increase brand recognition, create a friendly atmosphere, and improve the overall experience of flying.

Boost your brand & increase passenger comfort with cabin scenting.

Cabin-Scenting-Natural Cabin-Scenting-Natural

The Benefits

Take your passengers on a journey with the use of well-designed scents that can positively influence their mood and alleviate discomfort.

The sensory impact of cabin scenting is well documented as being an effective way to increase brand awareness and in-flight sales.

With the opportunity to guide your passenger's experience while on board, cabin scenting provides a subtle brand message for the duration of the flight. When thoughtfully approached, it can drastically boost a passenger's brand loyalty.


The Product

  • Scent distribution through the air-conditioning system
  • Pre-program and customize via the control panel before or during flight
  • Scent distribution through all phases of flight, including off-boarding
  • Easy to replace scent oil cartridges
Cabin-Scenting-Window-Passenger Cabin-Scenting-Window-Passenger

Our product development team collaborated closely with the renowned cosmetics company Rituals. Together, we have produced a range of scents for aircraft fleets around the world.

Sense Company, a long-term partner of Rituals, also provided us with the means for smooth and seamless scent distribution.

Cabin-Scenting-Aircraft-Aisle Cabin-Scenting-Aircraft-Aisle