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Parts Distribution

Superior supply chain management encompassing data and logistics teams to ensure seamless distribution of aircraft parts. Catering to multiple aircraft types, Fokker Services is the company you can trust to have parts available when you need them.

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Technology plays a large role in keeping us at the top of our game, from our parts usage research and data, to our mobile app and customer portals that allow our customers to check availability and order online.

With an enthusiastic team of aviation experts, our company has evolved over the years to become an environment that fosters improvement, excellence, and insight in every area from customer service to logistics.

Technology keeps us at the top of our game.


Situated on three continents, our distribution centers service rapid fulfillment of orders. As an Acting Forwarding Agent, we prepare and book shipments, issue airway-bills and customs clearance 24/7.

Through our logistical operations, we hold stock of over 170,000 part numbers for aircraft types such as Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier and Fokker.

Our warehouse qualifies as a Bonded Warehouse for receipt and storage of T1 goods.

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Our Customers

We have been doing business with Fokker Services on a daily basis for over 20 years. We appreciate their support and quick response to urgent requests. Fokker Services is our major supplier of parts and has been very efficient at supporting both our Fokker 50 fleet and continue to provide a high level of service for our Fokker 100 fleet.

Gary Windsor

Gary Windsor
Head of Airworthiness, Virgin Australia