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Dukane Seacom Service Information Letter - Underwater Locating Device (ULD) Modification

Underwater Locating Device (ULD) Solution and Affected ULD Serial Number list
It has been brought to Fokker Services attention by vendor Dukane Seacom that a component within the DK180 ULD assembly, that are installed as part of Fokker Services ULD solution, resulted in a number of premature performance failures. As a result Dukane Seacom have issued a Service Information Letter (SIL-DK180-2020-001, Rev A) to the FAA. Please find below a download link of the aforementioned Service Information Letter.

All operators that have acquired Fokker Services ULD solution in the past have been informed accordingly with the release of the aforementioned Service Information Letter and Certificate of Scrap.
In order to determine whether your ULD has been affected, it is recommended to check the Serial Numbers mentioned in the SIL with the Serial Numbers installed in your aircraft. In case of an aircraft transition to a different operator, Fokker Services urges you to contact the new operator to inform them about the ULD recall.

Vendor Dukane Seacom offered to replace the listed ULDs Free of Charge (FOC) with one of the two following options:

  1. You file an application with the required amount of ULDs in the form of a zero-dollar Purchase Order (PO). You fill in the “DK180 Certificate of Scrap (007).docx” form, identifying your intention to scrap the units at your facility. Please find below the download link of the “DK180 Certificate of Scrap.docx” and return both documents to Dukane Seacom, using the mail address below. Dukane Seacom will ship replacement DK180s with full or close to 6 years of battery life. The expected turnaround time is approximately six weeks.
  2. You file an application with the required amount of ULDs in the form of a zero-dollar Purchase Order (PO). You list the amount of ULDs and Serial Numbers to Dukane that require replacement. After receiving the replacement DK180s you replace and return the affected DK180s back to Dukane Seacom. As stated above the turnaround time is approximately six weeks.

Fokker Services recommends to check that vendor Dukane Seacom is on your Approved Supplier List (ASL), to ease the logistic process.
Furthermore, Fokker Services recommends that you clearly state to Dukane Seacom in your application, whether you are locally scrapping the affected DK180s or that you will return the affected DK180s after receiving the replacement DK180s.

You can contact Dukane Seacom on DK180@RPCAERO.COM and they will help you to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

SIL - DK180 2020 001RB

Download the Service Information Letter of Dukane Seacom - SIL - DK180 2020 001RB

DK180 Certificate of Scrap

This Word document is to certify that the listed beacon serial numbers will be removed from service and scrapped/disposed in accordance with customer and local regulatory requirements.