Future-proof your aircraft today with SBAS.

Save time and money with our bespoke SBAS solutions, which seamlessly integrate with the aircraft’s existing navigation equipment, enabling your crews to get to their destination faster, safer, and more efficiently.

What is SBAS?
The Satellite Based Augmentation System is the next step in aircraft navigation, improving the accuracy and reliability of GPS (GNSS) information.

Why are our SBAS solutions unique?
Our cost-effective, stand-alone solution allows your current multi-mode receivers (MMRs) to remain installed. We only add two antennas and two receivers, significantly reducing the aircraft’s investment while providing all necessary equipment for a seamless transition. Your cockpit layout will not change.

Additionally, prepare for upcoming worldwide mandates requiring aircraft to comply with LPV technology, which relies on SBAS. Benefit from performance improvements on critical functions like ADS-B Out, ACAS, Controller Pilot Data Link Communications, TAWS, and more.

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Available For

  • Airbus A320 Family
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing 757

The Benefits

  • Faster: Get to your destination faster by flying more precise paths
  • Cleaner: Reduce the aircraft's environmental footprint by burning less fuel
  • Safer: Pinpoint your exact aircraft position and receive reliable navigation data anytime, anywhere.
SBAS Header1 SBAS Header1

SBAS improves the accuracy and reliability of GPS information by correcting signal measurement errors

SBAS Process SBAS Process

How does SBAS work?

Based on incoming GPS signals, the SBAS fixed ground stations determine the position error and differential corrections. The SBAS uplink station transmits these corrections to a geostationary satellite which sends it to the aircraft. This correction is fed into the SBAS receiver improving the GPS accuracy. This also enables features like LPV and a more accurate ADS-B.

SBAS is a key enabler of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) usage for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV).

SBAS Solution Package:

  • EASA and DGCA approved Engineering Bulletin
  • Documentation supplements
  • Modification kit
  • Remote consulting and installation support
SBAS Receiver SBAS Receiver

Our SBAS solution: Endorsed by IAMA

Recently, Fokker Services Group's SBAS project was endorsed by IAMA, the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance (IAMA). This is a significant milestone, as their platform provides a space for companies to self-assess and endorse their projects, allowing for transparency, peer review, and industry-wide recognition. In the case of Fokker Services Group's SBAS project, the endorsement by IAMA adds an extra layer of credibility and trust. It indicates that the project has met the stringent standards set by the alliance, ensuring that it aligns with the best practices and safety measures of the aerospace industry.

IAMA Endorsed IAMA Endorsed
IAMA - Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance

Discover more

For more information about the SBAS modification - download our insightful SBAS brochure via the link below.

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