Satellite Based Augmentation System solutions by Fokker Services Group.

For maximum (worldwide) flexibility Fokker Services Group offers a stand-alone GNSS solution using SBAS compliant GNSS Receivers that are WAAS/EGNOS/GAGAN/MSAS compatible.

The existing Multimode Receiver (MMR’s) units, if installed, may not comply with the latest local operational requirements. Therefore, Fokker Services offers a smart and cost-effective solution by means of a dual GNSS/SBAS Antenna and receivers that are compliant with (E)TSO-C190, (E)TSO-C145/C146() and RTCA MOPS DO-301 and DO-229() no longer requiring the MMR replacement.

The GNSS installation is complaint with EASA CS-ACNS Issue 2 and FAA AC 20-138D Change 2. If applicable, wiring is installed between the GNSS sensor/antenna and the existing MMR “GNSS” user systems.

The Engineering bulletin includes the installation instructions and various manual supplements.
The modification kit comes with receivers, antennas, wiring, brackets, circuit breakers and more.


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Available For

  • Airbus A320 Family
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing 757

The Benefits

  • Supports RNP Approaches down to LNAV, LNAV/VNAV, LP and LPV minima
  • Reduced fuel burn/emissions; shorter flight paths and energy management during flight phased
  • Improved position accuracy facilitate airborne traffic situational awareness and spacing and separations
  • Receive EASA and FAA approved STC package, including installation instructions of SBAS
  • Manual Supplements
  • Optional MRO capability / engineering support on-site
  • Optional validation by other authorities possible


SBAS Header1 SBAS Header1

SBAS improves the accuracy and reliability of GPS information by correcting signal measurement errors

SBAS Worldwide SBAS Worldwide

SBAS Worldwide Implementation

SBAS is available in many parts of the world and the worldwide coverage of SBAS is continuing to grow:

  • EU - EGNOS
  • USA - WAAS
  • India - GAGAN
  • More regions under development

SBAS is a key enabler of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) usage for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV).

SBAS Explained

SBAS uses GNSS measurements taken by accurately located reference stations deployed across an entire continent. All measured GNSS errors are transferred to a central computing center, where differential corrections and integrity messages are calculated. These calculations are then broadcast over the covered area using geostationary satellites that serve as an augmentation, or overlay, to the original GNSS message.

SBAS Explained SBAS Explained