EASA AD 2018-0259R1

EFB USB Receptacle - Modification
With reference to EASA AD 2018-0259R1, Fokker Services issued a list of Engineering Bulletins to modify the USB receptacle LS03-05050A that are installed as part of Fokker Services provisions for an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution. The modification of the USB receptacle is to prevent overheat and overcurrent in case of a short circuit in the EFB charging cable.

All operators that have acquired Fokker Services EFB solution in the past have been provided with the applicable Engineering Bulletins. As aircraft may change from one operator to another and the applicable aircraft types are maintained at several MRO’s we have received several questions on the applicability of the Engineering Bulletin.

In order to determine whether a particular aircraft is affected by the AD please find below a list of aircraft MSN’s per aircraft type for which the Engineering Bulletins are applicable. If you have assessed that the AD is applicable to one or more of your aircraft or in case you have any other question related to the AD please contact Fokker Services via the footer of this page.

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EASA AD Affected Aircraft List

This link provides an overview of MSN's affected per aircraft type [PDF file]

Note: all customized IPC and WDM/AWM supplements can be found and downloaded under the applicable Engineering Bulletin. Please select the applicable supplements as identified by your customer code.

EASA PAD 21-137 - EFB USB Receptacle – Modification

Issued 22 September 2021. Effective date: 14 days after final AD issue date.

PAD 21-137 - AIRBUS\ATR\BOEING\BOMBARDIER\DE HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT OF CANADA LTD.\FOKKER SERVICES\MHI RJ Aviation ULC: Information Systems – Electronic Flight Bag Universal Serial Bus Receptacle – Modification

This AD supersedes EASA AD 2018-0259R1 dated 07 February 2019.