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Out-of-Storage: Pneumatic Accessories

The demand for air travel is slowly increasing again and stored aircraft need to get ready. With our support we ensure a smooth start-up of your fleet, especially when it comes to your air conditioning system.



Pneumatic-Valves-Testing Pneumatic-Valves-Testing

The global pandemic has forced commercial passenger aircraft to stay on the ground across the world. Now, many aircraft are slowly but surely getting back into the sky. When reactivating these stored aircraft, operators need to take a close look in order to ensure a safe take-off.

Aircraft that has been stored in an outside environment under conditions with high temperature and/or humidity need extra attention. During the storage time, signs of corrosion may have built up within the bleed air system, causing issues with pneumatic accessories such as valves or starters.



As a Honeywell Channel Partner of the Year, Fokker Services supports reliable and competitive OEM solutions for pneumatic accessories installed on Boeing 737 NG fleet.

Our global pneumatic centers of excellence offer state-of-the-art test facilities and customized availability programs. We bring added value in servicing these critical aircraft parts, supporting you to start up again with ATA 21, 30, 36, 75, and 80.

At Fokker Services, we offer manifold services to bring your aircraft back where they belong, in the sky. Reach out to us and get your fleet started again.



Air Starter-Testing-Eddy-Current-Dynamometer Air Starter-Testing-Eddy-Current-Dynamometer