Royal Netherlands Air Force Extend Parts Contract Royal Netherlands Air Force Extend Parts Contract

Fokker Services and the Royal Netherlands Air Force Extend Total Support Contract for Delivering Standard Parts

May 6, 2020

Fokker Services and the Royal Netherlands Air Force sign extension of the existing total support contract for delivering standard parts for of the RNLAF's aircraft, helicopters and multiple support systems until 2022.

Fokker Services, a GKN Aerospace company, and the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) have signed an extension of the existing total support contract for delivering standard parts for all of the RNLAF's aircraft, helicopters and multiple support systems until 2022. The solution support is provided by Fokker Services’ facility in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, and can be extended for an additional two years.

Due to the reliable delivery performance since the start of the original agreement, the scope of services has been increased in the extended contract. This includes the implementation of a solution for the RNLAF’s existing inventory to ensure all stock is used at the right time, and an increased amount of part number coverage from approximately 16,500 to 20,000.

The total support solution for delivering standard parts continues to provide the RNLAF with a single point of contact for all standard parts requirements. Fokker Services is taking ownership of various logistic services such as forecasting, introduction of approved alternative items, and consignment stock management with a two bin system on all the maintenance facilities in the Netherlands. It covers standard parts transportation and delivery directly to RNLAF maintenance facilities locations across the Netherlands, and Fokker Services will strive to maintain its on-time delivery performance of over 98%. RNLAF’s fleet of NH90, Apache, Chinook and Cougar helicopters, as well as the F-16s, PC-7s and the KDC-10 tanker aircraft, are included in the agreement.

The pioneering solution was created by Fokker Services for the original agreement, which came into effect in 2017. Since then, the service provided has been continuously optimized, and the partnership has seen many successes. Fokker Services delivered its 25,000th order in July 2019, and also established a strict 24-hour replenishment delivery schedule for the parts available in the two bin system.

Extending of our contract with the Royal Netherlands Air Force highlights the shared success of our long-term partnership. Our solution has gone from strength to strength, and we are proud to expand the scope of our responsibilities by managing the RNLAF’s existing stock while maintaining the fast delivery of a comprehensive range of standard parts. With our unique and innovative offering, we look forward to seeing even more positive results in the military support market.

Marcel van Hilten

Marcel van Hilten
Business Development at Fokker Services

From the beginning of the contract, we have experienced the anticipated advantages of a cleaner and simplified supply chain against an increased availability of parts. The consistency of Fokker Services’ high performance definitely meets our expectations. Our excellent cooperation formed a solid basis for this contract extension and to further customize this solution.

Jeroen Ridderhof

Jeroen Ridderhof
Supply Chain Management, RNLAF

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