Fokker Services Unveils New Component Maintenance Technology Fokker Services Unveils New Component Maintenance Technology

Fokker Services Unveils New Component Maintenance Technology

Fully automated Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray technology has been installed at the Fokker Services Americas facility.

Fokker Services, an Independent Aerospace Service Provider, has installed new, fully automated Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray technology at its LaGrange, GA, USA facility. Together with recent investments in additional machining and grinding equipment, this thermal spray capability allows the team to manage the entire component restoration process in-house for hundreds of part numbers.

Craig Winter, Managing Director at Fokker Services Americas, said: “At Fokker Services Americas, we continue to bring more component MRO capabilities in-house. By restoring surfaces on a variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, flight control, and high-speed rotating components in our shop, we are taking control of the total restoration process. The industry status quo is to replace these components with new parts or outsource these types of repairs. By challenging this idea, we are streamlining our processes and passing on the time- and cost-saving benefits to our customers.”

The application and grinding of multiple thermal spray coatings is completed precisely, efficiently, and safely with the use of a robotic arm. As a result, the team offer high-quality repairs and improve turnaround times while restoring and salvaging various parts, such as housings, shafts, and pistons. This technology is the latest addition to a range of well-established equipment at the facility, including the Eddy Current Dynamometer test stand, Air Driven Pump test stand, Air Cycle Machine test cell, and more.

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Fokker Services - Twin Wire Arc Technology Fokker Services - Twin Wire Arc Technology