Fokker Services Collaborates with CMC Electronics to Certify GNSS Receivers for Cargolux Fokker Services Collaborates with CMC Electronics to Certify GNSS Receivers for Cargolux

Fokker Services Collaborates with CMC Electronics to Certify GNSS Receivers for Cargolux

The partnership prepared Cargolux for the ADS-B Out mandate.

Fokker Services and CMC Electronics established an essential partnership to certify a stand-alone GNSS receiver for ADS-B Out usage. The innovative dual installation approach, designed by each organizations’ respective engineering teams, ensured Cargolux’s compliance with the mandate in the U.S. and Europe.

The traditional route to become compliant with ADS-B Out regulations is to conduct a complex modification and upgrade, or replace, existing Multimode Receivers (MMRs). With the ambition to find a more cost-effective option that does not require MMR updates, Fokker Services and CMC Electronics worked together to design an alternative stand-alone GPS solution. Finding a suitable location for the GNSS antennas on top of Cargolux’s Boeing 747 aircraft was a challenge due to the pre-existing antenna and structure interference requirements. Several surveys were conducted to obtain the best position for the GPS antennas and CMA-3024 receivers.

Obtaining certification included three Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs). The first step was to install a stand-alone, non-activated SBAS receiver/antenna, including structural provisions and wiring. The second step was the installation of the ADS-B Out v2 ATC Transponders. The third step was the activation and certification of the ADS-B Out capability using the CMC Electronics CMA-3024 GNSS. This staggered approach allowed the continued operation of Cargolux aircraft following the execution of the certification ground and flight test program as the organizations awaited EASA STC approval.

The stand-alone GNSS receivers from CMC Electronics fully comply with ADS-B Out regulations as an addition to the existing MMRs. Several other B747 operators have selected the same solution, and with EASA and FAA approval, other U.S. and European operators can also implement this solution. The option to upgrade aircraft with the more advanced CMA-5024 or CMA-6024 receivers allows some customers to tackle additional operational requirements, such as Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) and Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) Landing System (GLS) precision approaches.

Fokker Services provided temporary installation capabilities to test all systems installed on board, as well as the systems affected by the installation including a flight test for the new antenna positions. CMC Electronics provided technical guidance during the design and testing phases in addition to supporting the certification process. Cargolux was a cooperative partner during the survey, installation and the ground/flight testing.

The highly effective collaboration between Fokker Services, CMC Electronics and Cargolux brought this project to certify GNSS on the B747 to a swift success. With this solution, Cargolux is fully compliant with the ADS-B Out mandated regulations. For Fokker Services and CMC Electronics, this project is the result of a long journey with both parties investing resources into the commercial and engineering aspects of the ADS-B Out program.

Erik Lous

Erik Lous
Product Manager, Fokker Services

CMC is very excited to see the successful result of the first of many collaborations with Fokker Services. The combination of Fokker’s established engineering design experience, Cargolux’s resolve to find a cost-effective ADS-B Out solution and CMC’s innovative GNSS products was the perfect recipe for success. Now Cargolux and other B747 operators can benefit from this solution to help them meet the worldwide ADS-B Out mandates.

Tarek Sabanekh

Tarek Sabanekh
Product Marketing Manager, CMC Electronics

Cargolux has really appreciated to work with Fokker and CMC. We have met very skilled engineers, who were really involved in their project and had tried to develop the best possible design in terms of safety, maintainability and fully compliant to the regulation. On top, Fokker has always kept in mind to reduce to the minimum the impact to our operation. Our 747-400F fleet is now fully equipped and after 6 months of implementation, the system is working very well and we are fully compliant with the mandate that became applicable in US on the 1st Jan 2020. Finally, this journey is a success also thanks to our ground technicians and our technical pilots, who are very skilled, always flexible and open to such new challenge.

Sebastien Robert

Sebastien Robert
Lead Avionics Engineer, Cargolux

Cargolux is pleased to have had the opportunity of working alongside Fokker and CMC Electronics for the development and implementation of ADS-B Out. Throughout this collaboration, we have appreciated the high level of professionalism and skill exercised by both sides. The high standards applied have ensured a successful outcome with minimal disruption to our operation and we look forward to working together again on similar projects.

Christophe Klees

Christophe Klees
Chief Technical Captain, Cargolux

Fokker Services offers innovate solutions for the 2020 ADS-B Out mandate. For more information, please contact Erik Lous, Product Manager, Fokker Services:

For more information on CMC Electronics’ GNSS products, please contact Tarek Sabanekh, Product Marketing Manager – Navigation Systems:

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