Stand-alone LPV Solutions for B737NG Aircraft Stand-alone LPV Solutions for B737NG Aircraft

Fokker Services' Stand-alone Solutions for Equipping B737NG Aircraft with LPV

November 20, 2020

EGNOS Bulletin, Issue 34, Autumn 2020 Edition

This EGNOS Bulletin explores how we have developed several modifications for global operators. One of our most recent solutions is our Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) modification, which features an OEM look and feel and requires no changes in avionics architecture.

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Fokker Services is undergoing the production of a new STC for the B737 NG series. Fokker Services is currently installing SBAS/LPV-capable CMA-5024 receivers on one of their customers’ B737 NG aircraft. Their solution includes the Engineering Bulletin, relevant manual updates, a modification kit including all the pertinent materials to be modified, and 24/7 engineering support. Moreover, as a standalone solution it requires no changes to the aircraft’s existing avionics architecture, and due to the ILS look-a-like concept, it has no impact on the operational procedures. [...] It is excellent news since this solution will allow the certification of B737 NG aircraft for LPV operations and ADS-B Out, thus bringing SBAS, and therefore EGNOS technology, closer to its users. 

We have been working with EGNOS for a long time. Today, we collaborate to bring the right data directly to our customers, outlining the cost-saving benefits.

Masoud Sarwari

Masoud Sarwari
Product Manager at Fokker Services

EGNOS Bulletin, Issue 34, Autumn 2020 Edition

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