Fokker Services & IAMA: Everything You Need to Know

March 16, 2020

We sat down with Marco Wagendorp, our Business Development Manager for Engineering Services, to discuss a new alliance we have joined: IAMA. Find out what the alliance is all about, why we decided to collaborate, and the unique point of view that we will bring.

What is IAMA?
IAMA is the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance. It consists of aviation companies that want to work together on certain modification topics and provide appropriate Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) services to customers. The alliance is important because customers request quality from STCs – as they should – and IAMA is offering a new way to ensure this.

Which companies are part of IAMA?
The founders are EAD Aerospace, Envoy Aerospace, Etihad Engineering and Lufthansa Technik. Euro-Composites is an advisory member, while Fokker Services, The Angelus Corporation and Carlisle Interconnect Technologies are full members. Frequencia recently joined as a basic member. More organizations continue to join IAMA, so this list will evolve.

When was IAMA established?
The founding members established IAMA in early 2019, but it officially became a non-profit organization in February 2020.

Marco-Wagendorp Marco-Wagendorp
Marco Wagendorp, Business Development Manager, Engineering Services, Fokker Services

What are IAMA’s goals?
The alliance aims to address customer concerns with regards to STC quality and documentation, data availability, and STC transferability. To tackle this, IAMA is currently establishing a standard for predictable quality throughout the STC’s lifecycle, which should meet a level of quality comparable to an OEM Service Bulletin. This standard will be formalized in an IAMA “rulebook” that will be published later this year, which will give IAMA members the opportunity to apply for an IAMA approved quality stamp on their STC’s.

In addition, IAMA are looking into developing an online platform where these STCs will be featured with all relevant documentation. There are many possibilities, and in the future global customers visiting the platform may be able to review various products that are available for certain aircraft types, request an STC quote from any of the IAMA members, and more. Discussions and decision-making is ongoing for this project, and more information will be revealed in 2021.

What is Fokker Services’ role in IAMA?
Our organization will be featured on the online STC platform, and we will apply for an IAMA approved quality stamp on our STCs once the categorization and auditing processes are defined. In addition, our colleagues are bringing their expertise to the four alliance working groups that are already up and running. Employees from the different IAMA member organizations work together in these groups to shape various projects. This includes defining best STC processes for the rulebook. The groups and responsibilities are:

  • Intellectual Property & OEM Affairs: Form an effective IP handling process as well as practices between IAMA members and with aircraft and system OEMs.
  • IAMA Community and Aligned Information Campaign: Educate on the value of STCs and share knowledge on methods to reduce or completely remove risk. Also, enhance business opportunities in IAMA by understanding members’ capabilities.
  • Certification & Authority Affairs: Build strong relationships with key authorities around the world and ensure solutions for easier STC transferability.
  • STC Standard: Establish the best and most simple STC process, as well as quality standards.

By collaborating with other trusted and like-minded organizations, we can share knowledge to find best practices and effective solutions for operators and lessors worldwide.

EFB-Cockpit-Solution EFB-Cockpit-Solution
EFB Solution: One of Fokker Services' Many Modifications

What point of view will Fokker Services bring to IAMA?
We bring a unique point of view to IAMA with our OEM heritage combined with our status as STC provider and Type Certificate (TC) holder. As an STC provider for non-Fokker aircraft, such as Airbus and Boeing, we have very comprehensive knowledge of how modifications need to be integrated into an aircraft system. As the TC holder for Fokker aircraft, we understand how an OEM should handle intellectual property with an STC provider, and how to incorporate Service Bulletins into the aircraft documentation. With these viewpoints, we will bring best practices to the rulebook.

When it comes to the online platform, we have relevant experience with launching and maintaining similar websites tailored specifically for the aviation industry. For example, MyAircraftFleet provides “best in class e-services” to aircraft operators, lessors and MRO companies to keep their aircraft in continued competitive operation, and ModStore is a centralized platform connecting sellers and buyers of aircraft modifications. We will share our knowledge in this field to support the development of the IAMA platform.

Why is joining IAMA important for Fokker Services?
As a Global Independent Aerospace Service Provider, at Fokker Services we are driven to exceed reliability expectations to keep aircraft in the sky. Offering our customers additional confidence with our STCs, and the professional support as a result of being part of IAMA, brings added value. By collaborating with other trusted and like-minded organizations, we can share knowledge to find best practices and effective solutions for operators and lessors worldwide.

How will Fokker Services’ customers benefit from Fokker Services joining IAMA?
Our customers require the quality of modifications, data availability and management of the aircraft configuration (including all its modifications) to be at the level of OEM Service Bulletins. What IAMA aims to offer does just that; provide a high standard for STCs in the rulebook, data accessibility on the platform, and cross-country support with authorities while keeping cost down and lead-times short. Customers will see how taking an STC route is a viable, effective and efficient way to implement change on their aircraft independently of the OEM.

As IAMA is an international alliance, its network will aid how to access and translate modifications from authority to authority. For example, getting FAA approved major change modifications certified by EASA. This may be particularly advantageous for lessors as aircraft move from region to region. In short, IAMA simplifies implementing modifications for customers because the alliance will have a strong position in dealing with aircraft and system OEMs, as well as local authorities.

What happens next?
2020 will be a big year for IAMA as its members intensify their collaboration. Many new processes will be established and the rulebook will be published. Looking forward, we are confident that IAMA can positively impact our industry with new STC processes and assurances.


In case of questions regarding Fokker Services’ involvement with IAMA, please contact: Marco Wagendorp, Business Development Manager, Engineering Services, Fokker Services: Marco.Wagendorp@fokker.com

View Fokker Services’ approvals and certifications here: https://www.fokkerservices.com/about/certifications