Fokker Techniek Perfect Partnership Fokker Techniek Perfect Partnership

Fokker Services & Fokker Techniek: The Perfect Partnership

In April 2021, the Dutch investment company Panta Holdings acquired Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek. Today, we explore why these two businesses form the perfect partnership.

Continued Evolution

Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek know what it takes to reinvent and change course. Over the last 100 years, both organizations have evolved to adapt to new environments and changes in the market. By staying agile, global customers continue to receive high-quality products and aftermarket services, backed up by decades of design, production and maintenance expertise.

Deep Aircraft Expertise

Innovation is at the core of both businesses. With OEM expertise dating back to the days of manufacturing aircraft, Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek know how to build and maintain aircraft that remain best in class. From engineering services to parts, repairs, programs and aircraft maintenance, each team knows the precise details that must be considered, how changes affect performance, and how to get it all fully certified. Today, both organizations support various aircraft platforms including Airbus, Boeing, Fokker, ATR, De Havilland and more.

Lagrange Valveline Lagrange Valveline
Valve Line at Fokker Services Americas

Global Team, Local Connections

Due to the close proximity of both headquarters based in the Netherlands, a strong collaboration between the two companies has been fostered over the years. During the pandemic, new ways of working together have been explored with teams worldwide continuously strengthening this partnership. In addition, Fokker Techniek can now fully leverage Fokker Services’ facilities in the U.S. and Singapore, which allows for 24/7 logistic and technical support. Thanks to this joint approach, Fokker Techniek now offers more integrated solutions to its specific customer base, while Fokker Services has found an excellent location to provide on-site support and validate its newly developed modifications.

Cockpit Cockpit
Sharing knowledge and expertise

Shared Talent

Highlighting a flexible mindset, the businesses have already investigated how to share manpower, and Fokker Services’ colleagues are now working on aircraft components at Fokker Techniek’s facilities. This approach allows for sharing human capital for different projects as needed, during which knowledge can be exchanged directly between colleagues while new skills can be taught. Together, both companies offer improved and unique capabilities with their shared expertise.

From Subcontractor to Collaborative Partner

When it comes to engineering, Fokker Services has subcontracted parts to Fokker Techniek for many years, and vice versa. Now, there is an opportunity to closely collaborate instead of outsource. This means moving away from a customer/supplier relationship, and towards a unified company that continuously shares projects, knowledge and resources. There are ways to take this a step further by sharing different MRO responsibilities depending on the specialties of each organization. All of this results in streamlined support for customers.

Minimizing Aircraft Downtime

At the Fokker Techniek facility in Woensdrecht, the Netherlands, the team make the most of planned C and D heavy maintenance checks. During scheduled aircraft downtime, customers have the opportunity to install modifications. While Fokker Services designs and provides the materials for modifications (including ADS-B Out and CPDLC), the installation is then completed by Fokker Techniek. The smooth logistics process between the two companies allows for easy and straightforward upgrades.

Fokker Techniek Hangar Fokker Techniek Hangar