Collaboration at its Finest: how our Engineering Services team help you preserve the airworthiness of your fleet

July 28, 2023

Join us in a conversation with Peter Hof, Manager Engineering Services at Fokker Services Group, about the maintenance challenges of our much-beloved classics and other platforms.

No wonder the Fokker fleet holds a special place in the hearts of pilots and passengers alike. With a capacity of up to 120 passengers, the Fokker fleet range redefined regional air travel of their time by connecting underserved destinations. It also set a new standard with its remarkable fuel efficiency, which was a breakthrough back in the day.

It's no surprise, then, that operators and organizations still flying these beloved aircraft go the extra mile to keep them airworthy. As the type certificate holders for the Fokker 28, 50, 70, and 100, we take pride in sharing our expertise and technical knowledge to extend the lifecycle of these versatile aircraft.

We work with the largest MRO organizations, airlines, and operators alike, the majority of whom have developed a well-established relationship with Fokker Services Group. The fleet they maintain or operate range from commercial aircraft still in operation to airplanes that have found a second life as governmental, private, or special mission aircraft.

The departure point is usually a complex modification, the installation and design of which requires a bespoke technical solution. But we also provide operational support, with operational Q&As, and support during the incorporation of Engineering Bulletins. No challenge is big enough for our experienced engineering team, whose members can conduct extensive remote or on-site troubleshooting. And if that’s not enough, we have our own test pilots to make sure no unexpected surprise will jeopardize the certification process.

Often, the outcomes surpass the initial requests, providing our customers with a comprehensive roadmap and extensive troubleshooting support that enables them to enhance and extend the airworthiness of their Fokker fleet for years to come.

According to Peter Hof, “you might think that our Engineering department – as a Type Certificate Holder - has only in depth knowledge of the Fokker platform. But our experience is much broader. In fact we can support operators with a broad range of activities”.

Peter Hof Peter Hof
Peter Hof, Manager Engineering Services at Fokker Services Group