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Component MRO Part 2 of 2: Technology at Fokker Services Schiphol

Now you know all about the technology used every day at Fokker Services Americas, take a closer look at the tools at our facilities in the Netherlands.

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Flight Control Systems

At Fokker Services, we dedicate time and resources to develop new test equipment and capabilities for Flight Control Systems. By constantly innovating, our customers have access to precise analytics and measurements, which can help to stay up-to-date with the latest maintenance requirements for these critical components. 

We have long-standing relationships with OEMs, which allows us to offer unique repairs that also include reworks on critical subparts such as servo valves, manifolds or pistons. These OEM approved and reliable repairs lower the total cost of ownership. With multiple test stands, the test data records are automatically populated to immediately reveal any problems with the unit. These records can also be shared with customers for further reliability analysis.





Flight Control System Flight Control System
Flight Control System

Electric Test Stand

Developed in-house by our specialists, our customized Electric Test Stand measures the electric properties of an IDG. It is fully automated, which means highly precise measurements and fast process times for initial IDG electrical checks. Tests on the resistance, insulation resistance and dielectric strength are all completed quickly, which allows for rapid troubleshooting and early failure identification.

We have reverse engineered 20+ test solutions for cockpit display units.

Generator Test Stands Generator Test Stands
Generator Test Stand

Generator Test Stands

We continuously analyze the performance of power generating components using our Generator Test Stands. With two test stands on-site, our customers can rely on continued testing availability at our shop. To fully optimize these test stands, our team has gone the extra mile by engineering and integrating unique enhancements such as voltage regulators, servo monitoring equipment and a data management system. With these additions to the test stands, we test generators beyond component maintenance manual (CMM) requirements.

Cockpit Display Units

Maintenance services for cockpit display units can be costly for operators. At Fokker Services, we have reverse engineered over 20 different test solutions for platforms including the Dash 8 Classic and CRJ series. We are continuously evolving our extensive set of OEM supported automated test stations, bench equipment and dedicated box equipment with the addition of new capabilities. In the end, we have a flexible approach and can provide equipment with fast turnaround times.

Level 4 Maintenance for Circuit Boards

Level 4 maintenance is our well-known inspection method for circuit boards, and is comprised of X-Ray Inspections and Flying Probe. Our teams take a close look at a printed circuit board from different angles during the X-Ray Inspections so we can detect complex faults, cracks and early failure detection and carry out preventive maintenance. The Flying Probe quickly checks whether all components on the board are functioning correctly, providing a detailed overview of the quality of the printed circuit board. With this data and root cause analysis, our specialists repair and re-work circuit boards back to full reliability.

Level-4-Maintenance Level-4-Maintenance

To find out more about the services and capabilities, contact us via the link below.

IDG Test Benches IDG Test Benches

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