A LEAP Forward: Modernizing Our Facilities A LEAP Forward: Modernizing Our Facilities

A LEAP Forward: Modernizing Our Facilities

We reveal how we have taken a leap forward to support the latest generation of aircraft and repair technologies.

At Fokker Services, we know what it takes to provide our customers with superior component repair solutions. It’s a mix of the right tools, knowledge, experience, and data to ensure fast turnaround times and reliability. This is why we are always exploring different ways to modernize our shops, from our processes to our equipment, with each step allowing us to keep pace with developments in our industry.

As a highly experienced service provider for mature aircraft platforms across Fokker, Boeing, Airbus, Dash-8, Embraer, CRJ and more, today, we also support the latest aircraft models. Offering solutions for Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX operators, last year we signed a ten-year repair license agreement with Honeywell Aerospace for LEAP engine accessories and line replaceable units (LRUs), becoming an authorized service provider and warranty repair center.

As we expand our component MRO portfolio for new aircraft, we are ready to serve a wider range of operators. To achieve this, now more than ever we have been exploring ways to refresh our facilities. In this blog article, we reveal how we have taken a leap forward to support the latest generation of aircraft and repair technologies.



New Technology: Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray

We recently announced a new addition to our LaGrange facility: the automated Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray. This technology allows our team to develop cost-effective, high-quality repairs that would traditionally require a plating source outside of the organization. A robotic arm applies multiple thermal spray coatings to restore surfaces on a variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, flight control, and high-speed rotating components. By managing the complete component restoration process in-house for hundreds of part numbers, customers benefit from faster turnaround times.



Fokker Services - Twin Wire Arc Technology Fokker Services - Twin Wire Arc Technology

Digitization & Developments

The Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray isn’t the only tooling that supports our repair capabilities. In 2020, we installed a Kardex high-density storage system in our LaGrange warehouse that improves the distribution of piece parts to work orders. The Kardex is integrated with our ERP system to allow for automated picking. With a 99.9% pick accuracy, this technology helps to save time and provides highly secure storage for parts access.

Eddy Current Dynamometer Test Stand Eddy Current Dynamometer Test Stand

In our air turbine starter operations, we updated this highly critical component test cell with the installation of our Eddy Current Dynamometer Test Stand. Measuring the vibration, air pressure, torque, and RPM, this technology provides numerous data check points to verify the engine air starter is in top condition. Producing highly accurate data, our technicians can report on the health of a unit in real time during tests and pinpoint anything unusual that could lead to early on-wing failure conditions. The benefits are not only for LEAP reliability, but also for all air turbines starter customers we support.



Our Technicians

Our portfolio of products and services is constantly growing. In addition to having the right tools in place, we also ensure that our skilled technicians have the right expertise. Our dedicated program takes entry level technicians through extensive training and verification checks on their journey to become a master technician. Our team then has the skills to take on different levels of repairs, no matter which unit they are working on. We are actively expanding, with more technicians joining our team to handle the increased workflow as the industry recovers and support our growing LEAP service offerings.



Fokker Services Americas Starters Fokker Services Americas Starters

With the right technology, expertise and OEM data, we are ready to support operators around the world with LEAP engine accessories and LRU repairs. To find out more about our LEAP capabilities, visit our dedicated webpage.