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Awards and achievements celebrating the talent and expertise at Fokker Services.

April 15, 2020

Honeywell Regional Channel Partner of the Year EMEAI

Fokker Services has been named Honeywell Regional Channel Partner of the Year EMEAI. This award celebrates Fokker Services' passion for delivering the best support to its global customers, the organization's solution-orientated ways of working that Honeywell also embraces, and its range of business achievements in 2019.

As a Honeywell Channel Partner, Fokker Services is authorized to provide customers with MRO services for avionics and mechanical components. The team offer OEM-based support so Honeywell-equipped aircraft receive high-quality Honeywell licensed parts and solutions, and integrate Honeywell products into modifications and retrofits such as ADS-B Out.

Honeywell-Award-Channel-Partner-2019 Honeywell-Award-Channel-Partner-2019
Honeywell-Award-Channel-Partner-2018 Honeywell-Award-Channel-Partner-2018

April 9, 2019

Honeywell ATR Channel Partner of the Year EMEAI

Fokker Services wins the Honeywell ATR Channel Partner of the Year Award. The organization reached the highest growth rate in the EMEAI region. As the sole Air Transport & Regional Business Channel Partner, Fokker Services invested in STCs leading to successful results in Honeywell entering the RMU market.

September 1-3, 2013

Aviation Week MRO of the Year

Fokker Services was named MRO Supplier during the prestigious annual MRO of the Year Award ceremony, which honors pioneering achievements and innovation in aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul. Fokker Services developed the iPadĀ® EASA Class 2 Type electronic flight bag and installation provisions for its power supply. The Class 2 classification and solution means that the iPadĀ® is a permanent installation and certified for all critical flight phases.

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