LEAP Engine Component Repairs LEAP Engine Component Repairs

LEAP Engine Component Repairs

High-quality component MRO solutions for the next generation of commercial aircraft.

Component MRO Experts

At Fokker Services Americas, we offer our extensive component MRO expertise to customers operating the latest aircraft models. With OEM licensed parts and solutions, combined with our state-of-the-art technology such as our Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray, our teams provide high-quality support with fast turnaround times. Read our blog article to learn more about our teams and technology.



Fokker Services Twin Wire Arc Fokker Services Twin Wire Arc
Starter 63506083-4 LEAP Starter 63506083-4 LEAP

Our OEM Partnership

As a Honeywell authorized service center and warranty repair shop, our teams offer OEM-based component support and licensed parts for LEAP engine accessories and line replaceable units (LRUs.) Named Honeywell Channel Partner of the Year, our teams have been recognized for delivering the best support to global customers with solution-orientated ways of working.



Aircraft We Serve

  • Airbus A320neo
  • Boeing 737 MAX
  • Comac C919

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Airbus-A320neo Airbus-A320neo

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