Defense Defense

Military Aircraft Solutions


Cockpit-Defense-Aircraft Cockpit-Defense-Aircraft

NH90 Helicopter

Parts supply

  • Standard parts supplier to all operators
  • Available for all military a/c platforms
  • IT support for all logistics

Engineering services

  • Technical documentation services
  • General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment (GPATE)

Support center

  • Delegated Partner Company (DPC) for the Dutch and Belgian fleet


F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Parts supply

  • Standard parts
  • Consumable parts







Lockheed-F-35 Lockheed-F-35
F16-Silhouette F16-Silhouette

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Parts supply

  • Standard and consumable parts
  • Structure parts

Component MRO

  • Actuators
  • CSD and Generators