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Fokker Services

As an Independent Aerospace Service Provider, we offer tailor-made solutions to regional, commercial, and military aircraft.

From supplying parts and offering exchange programs, to component MRO and modification programs, we strive to offer our customers nothing but excellence in everything from engineering to customer service.

Our drive revolves around a single purpose: to keep aircraft where they belong, in the sky.

  • 500 Employees
  • 4 Facilities worldwide
  • 85 Certifications

Our Journey

Fokker Services has a history dating back over a century. From humble beginnings, it has grown to be regarded as one of the premier service providers in the aviation world.

Over the years we have adapted, innovated, and excelled — a winding road that has led us to success and provided us with knowledge, experience, and flexibility. There’s one thing that has held strong and kept us pushing to improve every single day — our passion for aviation.

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Tailored Solutions for Your Aircraft Maintenance

We offer bespoke solutions to most aircraft and fleet sizes, with a fully customized approach to working with our customers. It’s perhaps this flexibility that led us to become the maintenance and service provider of choice for commercial, regional and military aircraft.

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For information on Fokker Techniek, our sister company, visit the website.

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