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Fokker Services HQ

Our Headquarters are located in Hoofddorp, just outside of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is home to various teams within the Fokker Services family. From engineering and product management to customer service.

Situated directly beside our European warehouse, we maintain a consistent dialogue with our warehousing teams to allow us to consistently move our business forward.

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Hoofddorp-Enterance Hoofddorp-Enterance
Schiphol-Component-MRO-Shop Schiphol-Component-MRO-Shop

Fokker Services Schiphol

Our facility at Schiphol is a mere 10-minute drive from our HQ. Along with our core business, has expanded significantly in the past few years.

At this site we focus on component MRO. Our teams of skilled professionals work with advanced non-destructive testing methods, and are able to ascertain problems, followed by efficient and effective repair.

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Fokker Services Americas

Situated in the heart of the LaGrange, our U.S. facility offers professional component MRO as well as bespoke engineering services such as modifications to our customers in the United States, Canada, South America and beyond.

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LaGrange-Component-MRO-Shop-Valve-Line LaGrange-Component-MRO-Shop-Valve-Line
Singapore-Hangar-Plane Singapore-Hangar-Plane

Fokker Services Asia

Our location in Singapore offers multiple capabilities and services, focusing on executing Aircraft MRO for both ATR and Fokker aircraft. Alongside this we offer component repair, non-destructive testing, cabin interior refurbishment, and painting.

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