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Anthony-Fokker-Portrait Anthony-Fokker-Portrait

Anthony Fokker

Born in 1890, Anthony Fokker was a Dutch aviation pioneer and today, his legacy lives on. With hundreds of passionate employees in facilities around the world, our deep knowledge of aircraft, entrepreneurship and innovative spirit continue to drive us forward as we maintain our competitive edge.

Read on overview of Fokker's historical highlights below.

Anthony Fokker, a Dutch Aviation Pioneer


Independent Aviation Aftermarket Company

Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek rebrand to become Fokker Services Group. Read the press release here.

Fokker Services Group is an independent aviation aftermarket company with a global reach. Providing comprehensive solutions from its five facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Fokker Services Group is a key partner for regional, narrow-body and wide-body platforms in the Commercial, VIP, Cargo and Defense markets. The organization offers a unique set of capabilities, products and services: ‘Modifications & Engineering Services’ for the latest technical solutions; ‘Component & Material Services’ such as nose-to-tail programs, exchange services, component repairs, parts manufacturing and spares deliveries; ‘Airframe Services’ for aircraft MRO including lease transitions and painting; and ‘Aircraft Completion & Conversion Services’ for Executive, VVIP and Special Mission aircraft upgrades. With this broad range of expertise, Fokker Services Group ensures the continued competitive operation of its customers’ fleet.

Fokker Services Group Dark Blue Logo Website Fokker Services Group Dark Blue Logo Website
Fokker Services Group: The Independent Aviation Aftermarket Company
Panta Holdings Large Copy Panta Holdings Large Copy
Panta Holdings Acquires Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek

2021 - Today

Aftermarket Specialists

Panta Holdings acquires Fokker Services as well as Fokker Techniek. By working closely together, both Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek will play a leading role in the aerospace aftermarket sector, continuing to deliver innovative total support solutions. Read more about the acquisition here.


2015 - 2021

Joining the GKN Aerospace Family

GKN Aerospace acquired Fokker Technologies and integrated the Fokker divisions into the business. With the unique positioning of Fokker Services as a world-class specialist in aftermarket services for a variety of aircraft types, we continued to create our own history based upon how our story started over 100 years ago. Under the umbrella of GKN Aerospace, we leveraged our entrepreneurial drive with a clear view of what our customers need to excel in their business.

Hoofddorp-Building-Headquarter Hoofddorp-Building-Headquarter
GKN Aerospace Acquired Fokker
Fokker-100-Approach Fokker-100-Approach
Fokker 100

1996 - 2015

Continued Competitive Operation

In 1996, Fokker adapted to the ever-changing market and transformed from aircraft integrator to specialist supplier and service provider in the same year the company was acquired by Stork.

Fokker Services was established, formed out of the combination of product support related activities of the aircraft manufacturer 'Fokker Aircraft B.V.' and the aircraft MRO company 'Fokker Aircraft Services B.V.'. This new total services company became the Type Certificate holder of the Fokker F27, F28, 50, 60, 70 and 100 aircraft types.

Initially, the business focused on establishing the continued competitive operation for the existing Fokker fleet of approximately 1,200 aircraft. With the success of this direction, Fokker Services successfully diversified its capabilities to service other aircraft types.

1980 - 1996

A New Beginning

With the maiden flights of the Fokker 50, 60, 70 and 100 - the company began to look for new industry partners as it strives toward the future of aviation.

After several attempts the year 1996 was a turning point for the future of Fokker as it left behind its days as an aircraft manufacturer.

Fokker-50-100-Landing-Strip Fokker-50-100-Landing-Strip
Fokker 50 & Fokker 100

Aircraft Built

  • 213 Fokker 50
  • 4 Fokker 60
  • 47 Fokker 70
  • 283 Fokker 100
Fokker-F28 Fokker-F28
Fokker F28 Fellowship

1940 - 1980

Rebuilding & Expanding

The years after the war are marked by rebuilding and expanding. The company continued to open two new facilities in the Dutch towns of Schiphol and Woensdrecht where military and civil aircraft were built.

1955 and 1958 respectively mark the maiden flights of the F27 Friendship and F28 Fellowship. The F27 became the most successful post-war airliner. Fokker presented itself once again as an innovative leader with the F28 as the first short-haul jet ever to take flight. Over the years, the company manufactured many different aircraft types.

Aircraft Built

  • 586 Fokker F27 Friendship
  • 241 Fokker F28 Fellowship

1920 - 1940

Industry Leaders

By 1925, Fokker had grown to be the world's largest aircraft manufacturer with factories in the Netherlands and the U.S.

In 1939 the visionary himself, Anthony Fokker, dies in New York City and the following years of war signify the end of an era.

Fokker-F.VII Fokker-F.VII
Fokker F.VII
Fokker-Spin-Haarlem Fokker-Spin-Haarlem
Anthony Fokker on 'The Spin' Flying Above Haarlem

1910 - 1919

The Early Years

In 1911, 21-year-old Anthony Fokker designs his famous propeller airplane called 'The Spin' and flew his home-built aircraft over the city of Haarlem, the Netherlands.

After building the Fokker D.VII for the First World War, Anthony Fokker saw the opportunities of aviation and in 1919 registered 'The Netherlands Aircraft Factory' located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.