Fokker 50 Fokker 50

Fokker 50

The Fokker 50 is a regional turboprop aircraft of which a total of 208 were built until 1997 by the Fokker Aircraft Company. It has been the natural successor of the ubiquitous F-27 Friendship.

Designed with a life of 90,000 landings, many Fokker 50s are currently in service with close to 30 operators worldwide in all types of operational environments. The versatile F50 is in use as a 50-seat passenger aircraft and 7-ton freighter, as well as a special mission aircraft with several governments. Various operators have indicated to keep their Fokker 50s in service beyond 2030.

  • 208 Aircraft built until 1997
  • 30 Operators worldwide
  • 56 Passenger seats max
  • 77 dB(A) low cabin noise level

Fokker 50 Information Booklet

  • Seating 46-56 passengers in a comfortable and ultra-quiet cabin
  • Outstanding performance: long range, steep approach and unpaved runways’ capability
  • Excellent cargo conversion potential