Fokker 100 Fokker 100

Fokker 100

The Fokker 100 is a regional aircraft of which a total of 278 were built until 1996 by the Fokker Aircraft Company. A sophisticated flight deck and avionics, good performance and low noise and engine emissions continue to make the Fokker 100 a very versatile and cost-effective 100-seater.

Designed with a life of 90,000 landings, numerous Fokker 100s are currently in service with 15 operators worldwide in all types of operational environments. The versatile Fokker 100 is in use as a passenger aircraft seating up to 109 passengers, as well as a special mission aircraft with several governments. Various operators have indicated to keep their Fokker 100s in service beyond 2030.

The shorter fuselage Fokker 70 was developed from the F100. Both aircraft have a large systems commonality and pilots share the same type rating.

  • 278 Aircraft built until 1997
  • 15 Operators worldwide
  • 109 Passenger seats max
  • 45,810 kg MTOW

Fokker 100 Information Booklet

  • Seating 100–109 passengers in a very comfortable and quiet cabin
  • Low exterior noise levels
  • Lowest seat-mile costs in 100 seat market