Aircraft Minor Change, or Minor Repair, Approval - MCAF


The previously applied Minor Change Approval Form and related procedure and conditions have been withdrawn as from June 9, 2014 as Fokker Services was notified by EASA that the concept did not comply with EASA Part 21 regulations.

Approvals on MCAFs provided prior to this date will be re-evaluated by FS in cooperation with EASA. The intent is to reconfirm the validity of these approvals based on this FS review and incorporation into FS approved design documentation. Operators that have received MCAF approvals in the past will be notified of the outcome of this re-evaluation before September 1, 2014.

New applications can no longer be submitted. Operators wishing to develop a minor change or repair are advised to contact the FS sales contacts in an early phase to discuss the most efficient way to process this change or repair through the regular FS DOA design and compliance demonstration procedures. Final output will always be in the format of a Service Bulletin (for the Fokker aircraft types) or Engineering Bulletin (for other aircraft types).