Aircraft Minor Change, or Minor Repair, Approval - MCAF

Download: Minor Change, or Minor Repair, Approval Form - MCAF (Word, 190 KB).

Within the European Union only DOA-organizations and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) do have the privilege to validate and approve minor changes and repairs to an approved type design. This means that operators of aircraft that have an engineering capability to design minor modifications and repairs to their aircraft, can not approve these changes or repairs themselves unless they have been granted an EASA Design Organization Approval (DOA).

For those operators that do not have a DOA, Fokker Services offers an alternative to the formal application to EASA for approval of the minor change or repair. Benefit of this alternative approval process by Fokker Services is a 4 weeks response time for each application against a fixed rate.

For this purpose a standardized Minor Change, or Minor Repair, Approval Form (MCAF) has been developed, and is now available for download in Word format. With all requested data completed, the form shall, preferably electronically (both in Word and, for the signature, in PDF format), be submitted to Fokker Services accompanied by the substantiating documents.

The MCAF is not only available to operators of Fokker-aircraft but also to operators of other types of large (CS 25) airplanes.

Although the MCAF is largely self-explaining some further guidance for completion is provided here.

Please be as complete as possible in the description of the design change or repair. Add specifications, drawings, photographs as required to enable quick understanding of the scope and extent of the change or repair.

Certification Aspects
Careful consideration shall be given to which aspects may be affected by the change or repair. Each individual aspect listed in the MCAF shall be given due consideration, and substantiation for those aspects that are not obvious shall be provided in the remarks column, possibly by reference to relevant documents.

Minor Substantiation
All questions shall be reviewed and arguably be answerable with ‘no’ in order to end up with the minor classification. Please refer to the EASA Guidance Material GM 21A.91 (available through this link:
which provides helpful reference material and also contains many examples of the minor/major decision.

Compliance Substantiation
For each affected certification aspect all relevant requirements shall be listed with the applied means of compliance and the certfication documents that have been produced to substantiate that compliance has been demonstrated.

After submission to Fokker Services confirmation of receipt will be provided within 2 working days.

As the next step a check is made against conditions and feasibility of approval under the minor change or repair procedure. If Fokker Services refuses the request or the minor classification is not the applicable, the data will be returned with substantiation and possibly a suggested follow-on approach. No charge applies. If OK, a confirmation of acceptance will be provided.

If the data is incomplete or classification is not acceptable, the applicant will be informed and requested to provide additional data. If the applicant cannot provide additional data, application for approval will be denied and returned. A charge of 50% of the standard price will then apply. Fokker Services will not correct or amend data packages.

Fokker Services can support airlines to provide technical assistance on request against separate commercial conditions.

Pricing and Conditions
The following Product Policy is applicable:

  • Product is applicable to Fokker operators as well as other aircraft type operators
  • Product is applicable to category CS-25 aircraft
  • Pricing: 10 CASA hrs or the equivalent of EUR 1,000.-
  • Lead-time: max. 4 weeks (considering all required information is available to Fokker Services)

Download: Minor Change, or Minor Repair, Approval Form - MCAF (Word, 190 KB)