Fokker 70 Avionics

The Fokker 70 comes with a ‘glass cockpit’ equipped with a dual Flight Management System and a fully-integrated automatic flight control system which, as standard, has full flight envelope protection and enables Cat IIIA autoland. Cat IIIB with roll-out guidance is also available.

Full EU-OPS1 requirements are installed on most Fokker 70s or can be made available as approved Service Bulletins.
The Fokker 70 can optionally be equipped with Required Navigation Performance (RNP 0.3) which is coupled to the existing FMC. RNP 0.3 enables shorter routes and optimized approach routings, allowing for shorter approaches and lower decision heights.

RNP reduces weather-related diversions and yields lower block times and fuel, contributing to the environmental friendliness of the Fokker 70.

1 Cockpit voice recorder 8 Fire panels
2 Electrical system 9 Air conditioning
3 Hydraulic system 10 Fuel panel
4 Anti-ice 11 Engine start
5 Lighting 12 Pressurization
6 EFIS control 13 APU
7 Auto pilot system 14 Landing gear

15 Primary flight display 23 Flight management system
16 Navigation display 24 Printer
17 Multi-fuction display 25 Flap selector
18 Speed brake lever 26 Throttles
19 IRS 27 Fuel control
20 Parking brake lever 28 Communication
21 Thrust rating panel 29 Navigation
22 ACARS 30 Trim