Fokker 100 Interior

The Fokker 100 offers flexibility from an all-economy 5-abreast 109 seater at 32 inch pitch to a partially 4-abreast business seating at 40 inch seat pitch. Many alternative and mixed-class seating arrangements are possible. Any arrangement offers a revenue potential unequalled by smaller regional jets.

Fokker 100s previously operated by US Airways have upper deck avionics compartments on both sides of the passenger entry door, increasing forward belly cargo hold space by 3 m3 (100 ft3).

The Fokker 100 is equipped with either a forward-opening passenger door or a downward-opening door with integral stairs. Both are jetway compatible.

Full economy seating, 109 pax @ 31/32 inch seat pitch

Partially business seating, 12 pax @ 40 inch seat pitch and 85 pax @ 32 inch seat pitch


A Galley
C Flight attendant seat
H/I Jetway adaptor / Integral stairway
T Toilet
W Wardrobe

The passenger cabin is spacious and offers over 2m standing height in the aisle. The cabin is also very quiet due to the aft fuselage engine position, Tay low noise characteristics and clever noise attenuating features. Innovative LED lighting is an optional cabin feature.