Fleet Support

The FLYFokker Support Solutions are based on Fokker Services’ extensive experience in providing customer support to operators, accumulated over more than 4 decades. Fokker Services’ strength lies in the ability to cover the entire fleet development cycle at an airline. In-depth knowledge of Fokker aircraft, combined with the ability to think as an airline enables Fokker Services to develop support programs that truly benefit and add value for the customer.

The FLYFokker Support Solutions encompass a full scope of services that cover the supportive needs of Fokker operators throughout the entire fleet development cycle. Fokker aircraft are flown worldwide by a variety of operators with diverging support organizations and requiring tailor-made support solutions. Therefore, Fokker Services offers the opportunity to customize the required support package by offering FLYFokker Support Solutions tailored to the needs of the customer.

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Aircraft Acquisition Services:
Our aircraft acquisition services encompass:

  • Remarketing Support Services
  • Aircraft Validation Services
  • Pre-acquisition Survey and Inspection
  • Pre-delivery Maintenance and Re-configuration

Operation Start-up Services:
Our start-up services encompass:

  • ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance)Services
  • AOC (Air Operator Certificate)Support Services
  • Flight Operation Support Services
  • Flight Crew Training
  • Operational Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Field Service Representative
  • Documentation Services
  • Customized Maintenance Program (CMP)
  • Initial Provisioning Services

Mature Operation Services
Our sustaining services optimizing a mature operation encompass:

  • Maintenance Advisory Services
  • Line and Base Maintenance
  • Recurrent Maintenance Training programs
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Documentation Revision Services
  • Reliability Engineering Services
  • Surplus Trader Services
  • Consumable & Expendable Services (CES)
  • The ABACUS program
  • Component Maintenance Repair and Overhaul services (CMRO)
  • Inventory Optimization Analysis
  • In-Service Support
  • Online Support by MyFokkerFleet.com