Fokkers fly on in Australia

Fokkers fly on in Australia

Although long out of production, Australia's growing fleet of Fokkers is testament to the advanced design and durability of these Dutch aircraft.



A few words from our Australian Fokker operators


Mark Shelton, CEO Skywest

"The Fokker 50 fuel burn is the same as any current generation type's fuel burn".

Hugh Davin, Managing Director Skywest

"We operate Fokker 50s with high 20,000 hours on them and we operate Fokker 50s with 40,000 hours on them, and you actually cannot tell the difference between one aircraft and the other".

Scott McMillan, Managing Director Alliance

  • "They've proven to be the perfect aircraft [Fokker 50, red] in terms of reliability and operating characteristics".
  • "It's been an industry changing aircraft [Fokker 100, red]. If you line it up against other aircraft types of similar capacity it performs well".
  • "It [current size of Australian Fokker fleet, red] tells you that the Fokker 100 has really become the aircraft of choice for the big mining houses and even on RPT operations in the west".

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