Fokker 50 Advanced Avionics

The Fokker 50 features a 'dark cockpit' philosophy. It comes equipped with an Electronic Flight Instrument System and an Automatic Flight Control System which is certified to Cat II approach limits. The sophisticated Integrated Alerting System, providing three prioritized levels of warning, single lever operation of the propeller pitch and unique engine power management control, both contribute to reduced pilot workload. As such, the Fokker 50 is easy to fly and an excellent entry-level large turboprop.

Full EU-OPS1 requirements as well as UNS-1 series NMS are installed on many Fokker 50s or can be made available as approved Service Bulletins.

1 Cockpit voice recorder 9 Landing gear
2 Fire control 10 Hydraulics
3 Electrical system 11 Air conditioning
4 Pressurization 12 Fuel panel
5 Lighting 13 Propeller
6 EFIS control 14 Anti-icing
7 Navigation 15 Engine
8 Auto pilot system 16 APU (optional)

17 Primary flight display 25 Auto Pilot controller
18 Navigation display 26 Cockpit lighting
19 Central annunciator panel 27 Engine instruments
20 Engine rating select panel 28 Weather radar
21 Navigation management 29 Fuel levers
22 Audio control 30 Flap selector
23 Trim 31 Power levers
24 Communication 32 Navigation